Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tips to save time in the morning

Hi Everyone..

I haven't posted anything in the 2 week. I was travelling. My favorite part of my job.

Anyway, I thought of giving you some tried and tested tips by me which saves me time in the morning.
I am a morning person. Simply means I am a creature of habit. Wake-up at the same time no matter what day it is.My day starts on a positive note if I get my sleep..all 6 hours.

My job begins at 9 am so I need about 40 mins in commute. That leaves me 6am -8.20 am in the morning.

So I plan and organise to make this 2 hour as smooth as possible.
I spend 1 hour for yoga. That leaves me 1.20 hours actually.

So here are the tips.

Always plan your morning in the previous evening. Nothing complex.
1.The one thing I always plan is my outfit for office the next day. Make sure the outfit and accessories are in-place .
I make sure the outfit and the add-on accessorizes are all in my visible line. Saves me time on the panic process when you cant  find this that goes with that...
Been there done that.

It takes 5 min.

2. Spot clean your bag/purse the previous evening. Spot clean routine helps stay organised which is even more difficult than getting organized
      SPOT cleaning takes 10 mins tops.
          -Wallet-Recites-get ride or put back in the recite holder. Organise change and notes.-2 mins
          -Planner check for anything crucial that was noted down. Put it back on the next day if not unfinished-5 min
         -Plan your meal-Think easy and healthy.-2 min
        -Make sure your essentials bag in your purse is replenished if anything was used.-1min

3. Have a simple yet effective makeup routine.
   -Morning is not the time to try the new look from the tutorial you saw the other day. Know what works for you and stick to it. Its good to experiment but do it when you have time to correct it if it fails. Have a time limit on the makeup time. I take 10 mins. That includes Hair time too. Keeping a time check ensures your focused. Sunblock, Tinted foundation, Concealer, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick and Hair. DONE and how. The trick is to know what works for you.

4. Categorise the kitchen items as per use. Breakfast-Keep Cereals, Milk , Fruits, Oats etc all in one place so you don't scramble around for various things. Planning never fails you.

5. Make sure everyone in your house is also organised about their time. If not no matter how much you try you will have unnecessary stressful moments in the morning. Self reliance is the best gift you give to someone. Teach rather than act as a coddle. Habits form from persistent patience. So teach your family to be organised too.

Last but not the least. Start your day with your fav song. I listen to my fav tunes in the makeup 10 mins. It works for me..

These simple routine keeps sane and happy and helps jump start the day on a positive note.

Hope you found something useful from here...
Happy organising...
Love Harini

P.S. I would really love some feedback. Please leave a comment to improve my blog.. pretty please with a organized cherry on top...:-)

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