Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Buy less buy better!!!!!

This title came to me when I was thinking of new topics to blog about. So.  What does it mean and how does it apply.
I am your live by the budget person. I follow the cash envelope system.... :-)
So this concept has come from  much heartbreak after buying and sadly disposing cheap things in the past. This whole concept of burn money  becomes a high. The power it gives to buy something just because you can and wont cost the earth...is what i lived buy till a few years ago..
Don't be fooled into believing that being smart about money does not mean be stingy... splurge and have fun and live the good life.. but be smart about it..
Learn to tell good quality to shortlived holy grail moments. My pet fettish are wallets. I have about 30 of them. They are not cheap moneywise but are pointless. I mean in my quest to find the perfect wallet I found nothing but short lived joy followed space eating disapointment. So  what I have come to painfully realise is there is no such thing as perfect wallet..what works for someone may not work for you.
So example of smart: buy that gorgeous purse you saw the other day. Wait it does not come cheap. So you want to know if its your money's worth.. right.. buy smart..  check the quality if lining is good.. zippers..  check them several times... check the material the bag is made of.. dont buy things that will flake off..
Always remember anything you buy is your hard earned money.. there is an another factor that will help you stay determined to stay in the quality team. When buying something it is not just monetary cost that your paying but also the oppurtunity cost. .. whats that you say.. Oppurtunity cost is the profit you have forgone for this oppurtunity which are often intangible. Simply means.. remember that friends party you missed so you could finish your presentation to get that promotion.. thats a cost....
Invest wisely... dont buy a lot but when you buy ... buy better...
Your worth it..
More "buy better" posts coming up
Happy organising

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